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Venix Downgrade 4.11 to 3.55 UPDATED

This is kinda cool. Looks like recently a couple of developers who go by OverX and HwapX have developed a nifty little tool called “Venix Downgrade” to assist in downgrading your PlayStation 3 from firmware 4.11 to 3.55.

Now, don’t think you are going to run out and do this with a little determination and a flash drive. Unfortunatley you will still need a NAND/NOR flasher of some sorts. This is compatible with; Progskeet, E3 Flasher, and Teensy 2.0++.

UPDATE: This has been proven to cause bricks… so I do not recommend using it at all!!

Download Venix Downgrade Tool – HERE


  • Compatible with Progskeet, E3 Flasher, Teensy 2.0++ other.
  • Compatible with NOR and NAND.
  • Script to check malformed headers, File names, Region names.
  • Check headers offsets NOR.
  • Compares bits between two NAND or NOR.
  • GUI interface.
  • Patch to downgrade simplified.
  • Automated Method
  • Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4


E3 Flasher Installation Tutorial – PS3


Continue reading for some links you may need to assist you with the installation, as well some pictures that may be helpful.

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E3 Flasher Unboxing – First Look

Buy E3 Flasher Here:

E3 Flasher – Pics – More Info – Pre-order NOW!! *UPDATED*

*Update* Will work with 3.72

Here are some pictures of the new E3 Flasher we have been following and drooling over. The E3 Flasher should be shipping September 23rd this year and you can pre-order it now!!! Which you should do because there are only going to be 3,000 available for the first production run.

Haven’t heard about the E3 Flasher? Where have you been the last week? The E3 Flasher is a magical piece (pieces) of heaven that is capable of downgrading your PS3 from 3.70 to 3.55. It is also capable of dual booting 3.70 and 3.55. This means the best of both worlds when it comes to homebrew and PSN!!

The E3 Flasher does not require any soldering on the self image conscious slim PS3’s. It will require some soldering on the over eating FAT Ps3’s.
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E3 Flasher New Video – PSN *UPDATED*

Hey guys, just another video form the E3DIY team. This was released from them just to clear some of the rumors that their videos were fake, and to show some new features including PSN support!! (3.70)

Info from E3DIY team via PS3Crunch

E3 FLASHER dual boot, can with v3.70 play PSN and with v3.55 play your HDD games!

After we release dual boot video, most people love it but it also raised some doubt. We understand, so today we release a new video, and do some clarification:

1: E3 FLASHER not only a flasher, but with perfectly extension because integrated lots of interface
* We will release more useful function later, all will be free just like when we release Golden Finger function on our E3 card reader.

2: E3 FLASHER can be upgrade from PC USB or TF card, very simple to do.

3: E3 FLASHER dual boot you need TWO HDD’s, one for 3.70 , another for 3.55. If you use only one HDD, it will be required to format everytime.
* We will release a kit that includes ESATA station for you switch HDD’s easier. (Supports 2.5″ and 3.5″ sizes)

4: At present, on NAND flash console, you need to solder plus wires also. And no dual boot function because no 256M NAND FLASH ON E3 FLASHER.
* On NOR flash FAT console, you need to solder plus wires also, and includes dual boot function.
* On Slim console, there is no wires, but you still need solder some points. It is easy can be done in 3min.

5: We will release 2 new version E3 FLASHER at the end of this month.
* One is 256M NAND flash on board and with CLIP, to get dual boot and no solder function.
* Another is same as present E3 FLASHER but with CLIP, so all NOR flash console no need any solder at that time. (sure cost will higher)

6: If all goes well, we will release official pictures and retail prices by this wednesday !

So, looks like we should at least be seeing what this thing looks like in a day, and have our hands on one hopefully (Thanks MyGaming Mart) sooner than later!! UPDATE* Looks like pricing is going to be around $90. Kinda pricey but should be worth it :)

Stay tuned for more info on this super awesome mysterious device.

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