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Venix Downgrade 4.11 to 3.55 UPDATED

This is kinda cool. Looks like recently a couple of developers who go by OverX and HwapX have developed a nifty little tool called “Venix Downgrade” to assist in downgrading your PlayStation 3 from firmware 4.11 to 3.55.

Now, don’t think you are going to run out and do this with a little determination and a flash drive. Unfortunatley you will still need a NAND/NOR flasher of some sorts. This is compatible with; Progskeet, E3 Flasher, and Teensy 2.0++.

UPDATE: This has been proven to cause bricks… so I do not recommend using it at all!!

Download Venix Downgrade Tool – HERE


  • Compatible with Progskeet, E3 Flasher, Teensy 2.0++ other.
  • Compatible with NOR and NAND.
  • Script to check malformed headers, File names, Region names.
  • Check headers offsets NOR.
  • Compares bits between two NAND or NOR.
  • GUI interface.
  • Patch to downgrade simplified.
  • Automated Method
  • Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4


Playstation Network Maintenance Has Commenced

If you have tried to log into the PSN here recently from your PS3, PSP, or PS Vita. You will have noticed that you are receiving error messages. This is because according to Sony, PSN maintenance has begun.

According to Sony, you can expect the PSN to be down until around 2 AM Pacific time Monday morning. How will we ever survive =(

Read on for more information on maintenance from Sony.

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Playstation 3 Firmware 4.11 Is Live

Well, looks like Sony have blessed us with another firmware update, this one being 4.11. I heard not too long ago that this update was not going to be mandatory, but I was forced to update before I could login.

So far there is no information on the update from sony or anywhere else. We can assume though that it is just a “security” update or that it works out some “bugs”.

So obviously Sony found some hole that they decided they needed to fix so their beloved PS3 wasn’t hacked to shit again =)


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