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Lv0 Decrypted On PS3 ~ Mathieulh

Woaaaa… Don’t get too excited now, because I am going to tell you straight up that Mathieulh is not going to be releasing this to ANYONE. I assume this is because he is still a bit ticked off about this. I personally think Mathieulh needs to get over him self and not allow one leaker to spoil something great for everyone else.

That said, Mathieulh is a great hacker in my opinion, I just wish he would release this stuff.

This is important because Lv0 is the lowest of levels in PS3 firmware and that means we should be installing homebrew on our 3.72+ consoles!! But that may not happen now until someone else figures out how to do this, or until Math decides to release his stuff.

Hopefully next time I talk to you guys I will have news that Math decided to share the wealth.

Maybe if we ask nicely he will release this. Twitter him!!! @mathieulh

*UPDATE I agree with everyone that he could have easily made a batch file to echo that text. I actually believe he made this batch file as part of the announcement you know, to make it look technical. If he really wrote a script that executes in cmd prompt that decrypted 3.72/3 he wouldn’t have taken the time to add in all the echo commands to make it look l33t. The script would have ran and closed. The output would have been the decrypted file.

Who knows… I could be wrong =)

Ask Chris – Episode: 0.5


PS3 3.72 Firmware Update Is Here *UPDATED*

Looks like Sony has decided to slap us with another firmware update which as always promises to enhance “security” and “stability”.

I really don’t see what changes this has made. If anyone notices anything, leave a comment.

Also, I need to get confirmation, but I don’t think this will effect any of the NAND/NOR flashers like E3 and ProgSkeet… but like I said I will check for you guys.

From the PlayStation Blog

A new PS3 system software update, v3.72, will be released soon. With this minor update, system stability during use of PS3 format software and network services has been improved.

As always –  DO NOT UPDATE TO 3.72 if you are on 3.55 or below!! If you are higher than 3.55 I really don’t see the harm… but don’t blame me if you update and then wish you hadn’t for one reason or another.

**UPDATE**  – The 3.72 update will not stop the E3 Flasher from working. Downgrading and Dual Booting still working fine =)

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