Sony to Unveil PlayStation 4!!

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At long last it would appear that we are on the horizon of a new console unveiling from Sony. One could assume that this is going to be the new PlayStation 4 (Orbis).

Sony have set up a webpage inviting us to be the “first to know” what is unveiled on their event happening February 20th, 2013, at 6PM EST.

On top of the webpage, it has been reported that Sony have also sent event invites to members of the media and investors. According to the Wall Street Journal “sources familiar with the matter say the event on February 20 will debut the new console”.

I know that I am excited to see PlayStation’s newest console and can not wait until it is sitting my living room!

What about you guys?

iPhone 5 Pre-orders Are Shipping!

It looks like iPhone 5 Pre-orders are starting to ship out. This is the UPS information for my order pictured above. I received my order confirmation email from Apple on 9/14/2012 at 2:14AM central time.

Early reports seem to show that people’s iPhones are originating from 2 locations via UPS. These are ZhengZhou, China and Nashville, TN. When you check your order status on Apple’s website, you will notice that you either have “Standard Shipping” or “Holiday Shipping”. This is not official, but the way it looks right now is people who have “Standard Shipping” are seeing their iPhones in China currently. People who have “Holiday Shipping” are seeing their iPhones perched in Nashville.

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Legit Video Of Actual iPhone 5 Booting Up

Ok, this looks pretty legitimate to me, but take this with a grain of salt because we know how the rumors turn out to be untrue some times.

The story of this video goes like this; a Chinese tipster told sources that he “accidentally” found this iPhone 5 prototype while visiting his friend at work in Foxcon’s factory in Jincheng.

While this anonymous tipster had his hands on the iPhone 5 Prototype, he was able to snap some pictures (found below) and also take the video (above) of the device booting up compared to an iPhone 4s.

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Dual Boot and CEX to DEX – From E3

Well, this may be reason enough for me to dust off the old E3 Flasher… Looks like E3 are working on some great new stuff. Including ability to dual boot 4.21 and CFW. Sounds like the best of both worlds to me =)

1: E3 Flasher downgrade and dual boot 4.21 OFW successfully . We also successfully dual boot DEX3.55-CEX3.55 . We are studying other dual boot way like DEX4.2-CEX4.21, DEX4.2-CEX3.55 which can help E3 flasher user enjoy more function .

2: We are developing one key switch function for E3 flasher user. User convert DEX to CEX and CEX to DEX very easy ,just like our one key downgrade way.
We will release it free for E3 flasher user when complete.

3: We will release a great news for all PS3 user in next few days, and also with lots of free new game EBOOT .

~ E3-Tech

Sony Unveils Nasne

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, its… Nasne?? I am not sure how to pronounce its name, but this thing could turn out to be awesome.

So what exactly is it? Sony describes it as a recording device with a 500GB HDD. It allows you to watch and record video and play back with many Sony devices via apps. It also boasts dedicated tuners for “digital terrestrial and satellite broadcast.” So we can record TV?

I am guessing this thing will be some sort of a full blown media center… can’t wait to see more about it.

This info is from the Japanese branch of Sony Computer Entertainment. Maybe that is the reason for the weird name right now. I think we may see this in the U.S. under a different name, When I first saw it, I thought it was “Sony N-sane” which would make more sense to me.

Any way, there is more info from the press release down past the break, as well as a nice gallery of this sexy and mysterious device.

EDIT: Oops.. forgot to add price. Nasne is supposed to go on sale for 16,980 yen. For us ‘Mericans, that is about $200 which is pretty darn affordable. Read more

Venix Downgrade 4.11 to 3.55 UPDATED

This is kinda cool. Looks like recently a couple of developers who go by OverX and HwapX have developed a nifty little tool called “Venix Downgrade” to assist in downgrading your PlayStation 3 from firmware 4.11 to 3.55.

Now, don’t think you are going to run out and do this with a little determination and a flash drive. Unfortunatley you will still need a NAND/NOR flasher of some sorts. This is compatible with; Progskeet, E3 Flasher, and Teensy 2.0++.

UPDATE: This has been proven to cause bricks… so I do not recommend using it at all!!

Download Venix Downgrade Tool – HERE


  • Compatible with Progskeet, E3 Flasher, Teensy 2.0++ other.
  • Compatible with NOR and NAND.
  • Script to check malformed headers, File names, Region names.
  • Check headers offsets NOR.
  • Compares bits between two NAND or NOR.
  • GUI interface.
  • Patch to downgrade simplified.
  • Automated Method
  • Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4


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